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Office Hours

Office hours are Monday – Friday 7:30 am – 4:30 pm

Install / Remove Hours
  • Installs / removals are generally performed Monday – Friday 7:30 am – 4:30 pm
  • Installs / Removals requested outside our standard installation area are subject to additional charges
Service Area

We service the entire Maricopa County area and into Pinal County – Orders outside of normal and extended service areas need to be approved by the office prior to submitting an order. Our system will not accept orders in zip codes outside of our service area.

Install / Remove Time
  • All order received before 5:00pm will be put on the next scheduled day for that area.  Generally we install in the West Valley on Tuesdays and Thursdays and the East Valley on Wednesday and Fridays. Mondays can be in either or both areas, depending on the amount of orders.
  • Orders received after 5:00pm will be attempted to still be placed on the next day for that area.
  • Generally, post installations / removals will occur within 24 – 48 hours of receipt of order.
  • Out of area installs / removals may require additional time depending on location.
Post colors Available
  • Standard colors include: White – Yellow – Red – Black – Wood Stain
  • Custom colors are available for no additional cost. Please contact us with your needs.
Post Options

We have many post designs to meet any and all realtor’s needs. Please see the website for our latest post design options.

Post Accessories

We offer flyer boxes, feature riders, wind chains and Supra eKey lock boxes instalations. All post accessories have a nominal additional charge.

Do you store signs?

YES – we will store your signs for free and our system will show you how many we have in storage and how many are in the field at any time.

Do you store Agent Name Riders?

No – we do not store customers Agent Name Riders

Lost / Damaged / Stolen posts

If a post rented by the customer is damaged, lost, or stolen, the Customer will be required to pay the current post replacement fee.

Payment Terms

A valid credit card is required to be able to have full site functionality. We have a secure (https) website with encryption during all sending of information and your important credit card details are blanked out once the card is entered and verified.

Credit cards are charged the night of or the next day after each install. Our system will notify you if your card is expired. If you do not have a valid credit card on file, full functionality of the site will be limited until billing has been corrected.

We have the lowest annual rental costs in the business and in order to provide quick service at these very reasonable costs, we require timely payments.

Although we never want to remove a post due to non-payment, if a post is removed due to lack of payment at the renewal, the customer will be charged a new install fee if they choose to have the post re-installed. Our system will email you 7 days and 5 days prior to all renewals to allow you to choose to renew the post or have it removed.

Do you have a price list for certain areas?

Yes. Check out the installation zone map on the “Pricing” page.

Thank you for visiting Arizona Post Masters !